IBIZA - Why I Love Ibiza

IBIZA - Why I Love Ibiza

I arrived in Ibiza in 1973.
It was only for 6 months. - Since then I live on the island.

It is difficult to explain what caused that I stayed since it is not one single thing, but of a set of elements, some tangible, others not as much.

Will it be its green landscape, its pine covered hills, where silence reigns only interrupted by the songs of the birds?

Or will it be its beaches of a fine and white sand, bathed by crystalline waters as few as there still are in the Mediterranean?

Perhaps it are the fields in spring, when they are dressed in colors that seem to have left the trowel of a creative painter?

Perhaps it is the luminosity of which so many artists, who live on the island and got inspired by it, speak.

But it may be that it are the people: Peasants, people of the fields, with thousand-year-old traditions, for which the word was worth much more than any contract.

It is possible that it was the climate that attracted me, for I came from a country where winters last 6 months, it had attracted me more than I imagined, but I must add that the freedom that one could breathe played a very important part.

All this caused that, in time, when more people thought they knew everything, I started to study tourism to be able to be tourist guide and to transmit my tenderness and my love for this island which gave me so much, without asking anything in return.

by IBIZA GUIDE: Mauri TrujilloIt

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